What's Happening in February?........

What's Happening in February?.....
This year is moving along quickly! We blinked,.. and Christmas is a distant memory.
Valentines Day tomorrow! If I'm honest I preferred Valentines Day when my children were little. I would make them heart shaped toast and heart shaped sandwiches, using a cutter. I even used to put heart shaped sandwiches in their packed lunch for school. This had to stop when they got older and embarrassed! Hee hee! Such fun though <3 <3 <3

Valentines can be fun at any age. Babies enjoy the colour red from around 3 months when they begin to focus. The wooden ladybird shakers, scarves, maracas, and red treasures have been popular in groups.
We all like a surprise anytime of the year,... check out these love bugs,... so cute,....

Items in containers, support fine motor skills, co-ordination, concentration, thinking and learning in lots of ways. The sound that they make when banging and shaking, supports listening skills and language development.  

Returning To Work!


How amazing is it when you become a mum?

That little bundle, brings so much love, you could never have imagined the feeling when you held baby for the first time.

It's hard work becoming a parent. All babies are unique and individual. There is no handbook for you baby or anyone else's!

The first 3 months are a real struggle, as you and baby build a relationship and get to know each other. It does become more manageable as time goes on. You notice I don't say easy?!

Baby is as new to this as you are! They adapt to the world in their own unique way.

The day that you get dressed and step outside the door for the first time after baby being born, is like being set free. Then the nagging doubt sets in,...have I remembered the nappies, did I bring enough clothes, do I have enough feed? Argh!

Baby steps!

Then the day comes when you and baby venue a bit further. Yay

The local centre has a sensory session. You don't know what it is or …

Treasure Hunting: Ideas for Early Learning

Treasure Hunting: Ideas for Early Learning                                                

Carol Loyd
January 16th 2018

How many of you found that your baby and younger children enjoyed exploring the wrapping paper and boxes instead of the gift?

Who noticed relatives i.e. granny/auntie looking upset, because baby wasn't interested in the huge, brightly coloured, expensive toy that they brought?
Sounds familiar!

I remember this when my 3 were little (a long time ago) The boys were 6 and 7 months when they experienced their first Christmas. Our daughter was 11 months. The boys were only interested in the wrapping paper. The cries of delight came from the adults, including me I might add!

At 11 months, our daughter was slightly more interested in the contents, she thoroughly enjoyed tearing the paper off more.

I also remember thinking, this is going to take them days to get through all of these gifts, and where will I put them!

The fact is that the feel, sound, sight and even taste of th…

Happy New Year 2018

New Year,...Resolutions Yes or No?

So here we are nearing the end of 2017 and heading into 2018 The tree and decorations have gone for another year.

What a crazy family Christmas, good fun and cheer had by all. Phew! Doesn't it go by quick,...blink and you've missed it.

My favourite bits are watching the children open their presents. Adding to this, the smell of the tree, fire, candles, dinner, pudding. The sound of the children, crackle of the fire, crackers being pulled, knock at the door. The feel of comfort, cuddles, warmth. The taste of turkey, pudding and too much chocolate. The sight of all things that Christmas brings.

Have you got your new years resolutions sorted?

Personally, I'm at an age when I think resolutions are over rated, and who if anyone sticks with them beyond January anyway?

Positive ideas, thoughts, attitudes are what we need to help us move forward

So what do you have in mind for the new year,.. I'd like to know.

I plan to do my best to suppo…

Christmas Sensory Fidget Elf

Christmas Sensory Fidget Elf

I have recently had the pleasure of the antics of the Christmas Elf. He is residing at this week. Our grandsons idea, as he has another Elf at home!

Our Jack thought it would be a good idea for the Elf to stay at grandma's and granda's, of course he wants us to send him regular updates of what elf is getting up to.

I'm finding this a bit of a challenge to say the least ha!

I discovered a list of elf ideas, which is good and I'll share,.......

Better than this, I had a conversation with Jack, who is a bit of a fidget. We talked about the Elf and what he thought he might get up to. Taddaaaa! Jack came up with some brilliant ideas, including sensory/fidget elements. Of course Elf (Bob) wont be experiencing all of the ideas and he might do them a little different, just to keep it interesting for Jack, but it was really worth having the conversation.

Jack suggested that he might go in the bath with lots of bubbles (S…

Challenging Behaviour: Or learning?

Challenging Behaviour: Or learning?

From being very small children are finding their way in the world. They rely on us adults to provide security, guidance and reassurance. Easy right?!

There are lots of books and magazines on the market, providing tips on parenting, so many in fact, its confusing and can be conflicting information. Grandparents, friends, other parents, they all have lots of advice. Argh! Huge learning curve all round.

The fact is all children are unique and individual, therefore, there isn't a book about your child, or you as a parent. Yes general information is a good starting point. Children from a young age understand how to push the boundaries and in some cases manipulate their parent. We've all been there, when your baby cries for no apparent reason. They've been fed, changed, talked to, sang to, you've tried everything and they are clearly well. Maybe they're over tired. They reach a point when they don't know themselves what it is th…

Heuristic Play: What does this mean?

Heuristic Play: What does this mean?

Some of you might or might not remember this!

When you were a child, did you:
collect twigs, bottle tops, shells, jar lids, feathers, leaves, fir cones etcmake perfume using flower petalsdig using twigs, card etcmake sounds using metal containers, bottles with water in them, fill containers with stones etc You get the picture, right?

These are just a variety of things I did as a child, way back when we used to play outside and not worry about the traffic etc This is still practiced today in nurseries/schools following the Montessori concept.

Italian born Maria Montessori introduced the concept of learning in this way. Not rocket science, you might think! However, the Montessori concept was introduced at the beginning of the century and is now practiced throughout the UK and the world. It is recognised as being beneficial to learning, particularly early learning.

The Montessori concept enables children to lead their own learning through heuristic …